Sony Ericsson W960i weird Messaging problem

datePosted on 16:33, March 24th, 2008 by yk

A weird Messaging problem occured on my one-week-old Sony Ericsson 960i handphone. When I viewed the SMS list from the Messaging application, only the senders’ numbers appeared (normally, the senders’ names will appear instead if they are in my Contact list). Furthermore, when I tried to view any of the SMS, an error message saying the message is incomplete is prompted to me followed by another error message saying Access is denied .

This immediately triggered a severe panic sensation as I frantically searched the internet to look for any causes/solutions for this problem. After reading up all the available information, I gather that the cause of the problem is most probably to do with my Contact entries. It’s weird since all my contacts are imported on the day I received my phone and I’ve only added a couple of new entries. I deleted all the new entries (and some junk contacts that I can’t even remember how they got into my list) and rebooted the phone, it was still giving me the errors. When I was about to give up and schedule a suitable time to bring my baby to the clinic, it hit me. I added some voice dial commands the day before and when I tried to voice dial today, it failed. After that incident, the weird Messaging problem started.

I quickly deleted all the voice dial commands and viola, the Messaging problem went away.

So, for those who get the same error messages shoved into your face, the problem most likely lies in your contact entries.

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